Bro is not just a word it’s an emotion😭. Family isn’t always from blood 💉. It’s the people who wants you in their life. the one who accepts you for whom you are the one who would do anything to see you smile🙂. And loves you no matter what😘. And I found the one I call her bro😇

She always cares for me🤗. Acts as if she is elder then me👩‍👦. Be it older or younger caring remains caring😉.

Irritating😤, annoying😒, caring🤗, loving🥰, crazy🤪, protective🧐 cute🤭 secrete keeper😷 the above words means only one it’s “Br😲”

She is giant panda🐼she loves to sleep😴 a lot, and eats a lot😋. And She can slay you by her attitude 😏.

I’ve always had this interest in sibling relationships👨‍👧 because I don’t have any siblings🥺. so I always kind of wished that I had brother or sister just to have that bond, so I found you😬.

By Harish Ari.

“Waste of time” 😒 by HARISH ARI

You waste time waiting for texts that are never going to come. You waste time examining mixed signals. You waste time trying to figure out what the hell she’s thinking because she is never straight with you. You waste time debating whether or not you should stay with her. Most of all, you waste time hoping that she’ll change. Hoping that she’ll see that she’s wrong and you’re right. Hoping that she’ll wake up one day and be the woman you always knew she could be. It’s normal to daydream about what things would be like if she actually cared but you have to remember those are only dreams. The reality of the situation is she doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Stop settling for ignored messages and cancelled plans. Stop settling for someone who doesn’t care if they’re hurting you or letting you down. Stop settling for someone who doesn’t show up for you. Stop settling for someone who thinks you will always be around. Because, truthfully- loving her is a waste of your time. Hoping that she will have a change of heart is a waste of your time. Putting in effort while she doesn’t, is a waste of your time. You’re better off being single than sitting in bed, wishing that
she would treat you right. You’re better off searching for someone new who will treat you with respect from the start than waiting for her to change when she clearly has no interest in doing so. Tricking yourself into believing that maybe if you did something differently, then she would like you better, is a waste of your time. You need to find someone who knows how to treat you with respect from the start. Someone who never shows up late or leaves texts unread. Someone who doesn’t have to make up for hurting you, because she never hurt you in the first place. Someone who makes you feel loved at every moment of every day- and never makes you feel like you’re wasting your time….



Yes it’s been more then 6 months you left me. And from that day till today you’re the only one person who is constantly in my “DREAMS” And all the dreams which I had with you is early morning Dream’s. And people say early morning Dream’s come true. But I think so it’s not going too happen. The day’s which I spent with you was maybe less. But the day’s which I spent with you is worth more then anything in this world. I still remember our last meet worst day of my life. Now I’m 100% sure that your not going to be mine anymore. I thought I will never see you again in my life and a day came 12/2/18 12:28PM saw you in college and I don’t know what happened the sec I saw you and my heart started burning like anything and I don’t have strength to talk to you and I ran away. After breakup Some people blame it on love and some people blame it on the person who they loved. But if you ask me I will blame it on time. Time is the only thing which made me to see you. Time is the only thing which made us friends. Time is the only thing which made me to propose you and time is the only thing which made you to accept me. Time is the only thing which made us apart. And the last thing you don’t have time to read this………

I still care about you. By Harish Ari. 

You used to be one of the most important person in my life. I gave you lot of chances at least to make a little effort and to show a sign to appreciate but you took too long to do any of it. People said “sometimes the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours”. So I’m slowly giving up. But guess I’m wrong. You don’t care and you never did. You seem fine and not bother at all. You are clueless about what happened and we still us and me still me. But the truth is I’m on my own way to slowly fade away from your life. So I realise that my absence doesn’t affect your life, that means my presence doesn’t have meaning in it. So I’m really gone. But know what? Even more you’re the main reason why I go through a lot of hard and difficult things and you the one who repeatedly disappointed and hurt me down to earth over and over again. I can’t hate you. Even though I’ve erased our text’s, I never forget what u wrote. Even though we stopped taking Never forget your voice. Anything we did, I never forget.  Yeah we don’t talk anymore and we are not the same anymore. Your noting to me I stop all reasons for you to mean something to me but there’s one reason that make us can’t really gone And that is I still care about you. Yeah you have done a lot to me but whatever it is, I would still care about you. We are not close anymore but I will be there if you need me. I’m just done to be in your life…… 

By Harish Ari. 

“Sorry for being myself” by Harish ari

You  know why I shut people out? Because I know they will hurt me? Hahaha no that’s not it. I shut people out Because I know I will hurt them unintentionally. I don’t care if someone hurts me. I’m no stronger to being hurt. It’s all I have gotten. But the reason I Shut all of you away from me is because I know I’ll hurt you? I’ll hurt you being a fucking disappointment to you. Just like I was for everyone else. I’ll hurt you not by being good enough. I’m not even ‘enough’ and being ‘good enough’ is long shot. I’ll hurt you Because when you expect me to lift you up, I’ll let you down because of my own fears and insecurities and the courage that I lack. I won’t be there when you need me because I’ll be too busy drowning up my sorrows in that ungodly hour of the night. I won’t be able to wipe away your tears because I’ll be the one who gave them to you. I’ll be the empty Pit in  yours stomach when you come across my name. But please understand while you’re picking thorns from your feet, I’m the one who’s been walking on shards of broken glass. When you’ll be wondering who will Stab you in the back, I’ll be the one pulling the knife out of my heart. While you will wonder who hurt you, I’m the one sitting here wondering when will I ever heal. While the volcano in your mind steaming, mine has already burst, destroying all the life I had inside of me. So please, stay away from me and don’t take personally when I push you away, because no matter how much fucked up you are, my level of fucked up is ten stories higher, because I know I’ll end up hurting you just by being myself.

By Harish ari.


I was such a fool. I gave my heart to people so easily, and they just break it into pieces and leave. I gave her my heart, my soul, my whole, my life. I shouldn’t have been such a fool. You just can’t hand over your everything in someone’s hand ; because these days even friends are your enemies. I’ve been betrayed so many times, still I be there and happily help everyone when they need me. But later on everyone makes me realize Everything I did was mistake. Because in the end  I was the bad guy in every case. I shouted, I screamed, I took drugs, I lied, I betrayed, she left when i needed her and came later on. I was the bad guy everywhere. And when it ends, there’s a person who starts to hate others, and a person who still loves. I was there when nobody else was there with her. And when she get someone new or old ones back, I was like a balloon who was thrown away. I realised my place, where she’d put me through. You just have to be assholes all the time. When someone moves on, they start to say bad things about the person who was there with them. They start to back bitch, and makes him the bad guy even more. People in this world are like this, and maintains relationships on their basis of needs. I was never enough. There always has to be some mistake everyone used to point out after getting work done. She used to say, “it’s only you who is suffering.?” yes, It’s only me who is suffering. Not you. Because she had one whom she wanted. She has everyone now by her side, but not the negativity. People start to get negative vibes and then leave, and in return they want the other person to stay so that they can throw shit away all the time. There’s no kindness. And I don’t know how people can sleep, after throwing so much shit and hurting other person. They can sleep because, they have what they wanted. ALWAYS………

By Harish Ari.

“I’m done ” by Harish Ari.

I’ve accepted that no matter how hard I try and wish that things would go back to the way they used to be between us they won’t. I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing you but I’ve learned to be grateful for what we had and not be bitter that we don’t have it anymore. You came into my life right when I need you and I think you left right when you needed to as well. Things may not have went the way I wanted them to go between us but I do think that it all worked out in the end, we’re not together and we never will be, I don’t really think we were ever meant to be. I’ve accepted that we’re strangers again and I think that’s start were always meant to be, I think we make better strangers than we did anything else and finally I realise that that’s okay and that I will be okay too. 

Everything happens for a reason, it really does……..

-Harish Ari.